Visit Historic Cordelia.
 Cordelia Lutheran Church is the oldest Lutheran building in Idaho (established in 1883). 
Cordelia is available, without charge, for weddings, vow renewals, and family gatherings.  Experience the beauty, comfort, quaint, respectful, and simple charms of Cordelia.

Enjoy a visit to the church.  

Emmanuel Lutheran agrees to sell Cordelia and associated property to Friends of Cordelia on February 11, 2018.   

Just wanted to let you know today, February 11,  Emmanuel Lutheran agreed to sell Cordelia and land gifted to Cordelia to Friends of Cordelia.   We are excited it was unanimous and without discussion.  

We will be working our way through finalizing the title transfer, closing costs, new address, insurance and other issues that come with new ownership.   Our next meeting will be March 1 meeting at 7:00 pm at the McConnell Mansion, Moscow Idaho.   

A Friend of Cordelia
Larry Lass

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