Easter Sunrise Service 2023

April 9 at 6 am. No communion. Otherwise normal Easter sunrise service with music and singing. Masks optional.

Summer Concert Series (2023)

To be announced in March 2023.

Wedding and Other Activities for 2023 and 2024

Dates reserved:

Others dates are available.

Friends of Cordelia Meeting

Friends of Cordelia meet four times a year (third week of January; Saturday before Easter; third weekend in May; and end of October). Current meeting are on-line. Contact us for links.

Information you need to know when reserving Historic Cordelia for an activity.

The Party Reserving Cordelia agrees to protect and save Historic Cordelia Church and Friends of Cordelia Lutheran Church Inc. from all damages and claims arising out of any act, omission or neglect by the Party Reserving Cordelia, and from any and all actions or causes of action arising from the occupation or use of the Cordelia property.

We invite the Party Reserving Cordelia to become a Friend of Cordelia by liking us on Facebook to receive information about other activities at Cordelia. Your involvement keeps Cordelia alive for remembering your event and for future generations to discover.

Use of Cordelia is free but donations are always welcome. For donations visit our donation page at There are 2 picnic tables, a 2 hole outhouse and water is available from the hand pump (pump 7 times to start). We check and sweep the church weekly (April to December) and monthly during the winter. You may want to check and do some deep cleaning before the activity. Please clean up after the activity.

We do not plow snow nor shovel. In the winter, a snow berm often prevents easy access to the church so you may want to shovel a path before your activity.

For weddings, it is a bring your own officiant venue. The church holds 50 guests comfortably. There is a working pump organ. If you need an officiant, organist or soloist we can send you contact information.

We advise a site visit before reserving because the 1883 facilities are a reflection of pioneer life, but called primitive by modern standards.

Please reserve a date by contacting .