2012 Concerts

Dan Maher led a sing-alone at the Cordelia Swedish Summer Festival on June 24. Dan was the host of Inland Folk on Northwest Public Radio. He is a legend on the Palouse.

The 2012 festival had a Maypole and other Swedish traditions. Maypole decorating started at 12:00 pm (noon). Several brought flowers and other pliable greenery for the maypole.

Paul Ely Smith playing the gourd banjo on July 22. What an interesting instrument brought to life by his stories and fingers.

Sesitshaya Marimba Ensemble, a community marimba band, brought traditional and jazz/Caribbean songs to Cordelia on August 26.. On a smokey day, Sue Byrne, Kathy Dawes, Mary Donohoe, JoAnn Evans, Kirstin Malm, Rylie Malm, Tim Malm, Elinor Michel, Molly Pankuk, Mimi Pengilly and Diane Walker played while we sat under the maple trees. What an amazing sound to vibrate off the church.

Emmanuel Lutheran Choir sang at Cordelia on September 16. Members of the choir were: Kathy Anderson, Ben Beard, Laurel and Larry Branen, Bob Dwelle, Rob Ely, Shirley Engerbretson, Andrea Fountain, Matt Halladay, Gretchen Isakson, Jack and Karen Kelly, Kathy Kwiatkowski, Kendyl and Ron Landeck, Shelly McGuire, Lindsay, Chris and Janet McIntosh (director), Nancy Ruth Peterson, Gwen Sullivan, Janet and Casey Williams.