2011 Concerts

John Elwood and Sally Burkhart, a totally fun folk duo, played at the Cordelia Swedish Summer Festival on Sunday, June 19. The weather was cloudy but did not rain.

This year’s festival again had a Maypole and we danced and enjoyed other Swedish traditions. Maypole decorating began at noon with flowers and other greenery.

Adding greenery and flowers

Pole going up

Pole up


Charlie Sutton, regionally known for his folk, blues and acoustic music, played after the Friends of Cordelia Picnic on July 17. Prairie Home Companion fans will remember him playing in Pullman. Charlie played songs from his new CD, as well as old favorites. He is a true poet with wonderful guitar sounds.

The Border Highlanders, an amazing group of pipers and drummers, blew us away with their outdoor concert on August 14. They brought a record 130+ people to Cordelia to enjoy the concert. The Border Highlanders include Pipers: Kirk McMichael (Pipe Major), Marilyn Crandall, Ben Hunter, Jay Hunter, Sarah Saxton, Sam Scripter; Drummers: Daniel Peterson (snare), Dan Crandall (bass drum); and Dancers: Jessie Hunter, Lillian Jordan. What a concert! This amazing group has kept the tradition alive in Idaho and Washington since 1974.

Forgotten Freight played on the hot Sunday afternoon of September 11. This amazing band played to a packed church, then moved outside in the shade for a second round of music. Band members are Susan Firor, Lenny Johnson, Stu Osborne, JD Wulfhorst and Tim Kinkeade.